Caspian Sea Adventure 7 Days

Day 1: Arrive to Tehran

As soon as you arrive, you can check-in to your hotel and the afternoon is yours to explore the city.O/N in Tehran

masouleh.steptoiran.comDay 2: Drive to Masuleh

Masuleh is a breathtakingly beautiful village located 1050m above sea level in the Talesh mountains. Built into the steep mountainside means the streets are built on top of the flat roofs of the houses below.Masuleh architecture is unique. The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masuleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, due to its unique layout. It is the only city in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter.O/N in Masuleh.Today's tour includes visiting:

- Rud khan Medieval Castle

- Masuleh Village

Day 3: Drive to Ramsar

Ramsar,Known as the bride of Iranian cities, Ramsar is the westernmost city in Mazandaran, which borders the Caspian Sea in the north,Tonekabon in the east and Gilan Province in the west. The city, which connects the Caspian provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, has Mediterranean climate with very hot summers and cool and humid winters.Ramsar is a popular sea resort for Iranians, offering visitors hot springs, a view of the green forests of the Alborz Mountains.The hot mineral springs located at the heart of this city have therapeutic properties and are said to benefit those suffering from rheumatism, skin disorders and joint pain. O/N in Ramsar. Today's tour includes visiting:

- Radioactive Hotsprings

Day 4: Visit Caspian Sea and Ramsar

Javaher Deh is a village in Sakht Sar Rural District, in the Central District of Ramsar County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Ramsar's Javaher Deh is a destination for many tourists in north of the country. This village has an exemplary nature and unique weather. Despite of high volume of tourists in Javaher Deh, people of this village have retained their local and native traditions. Javaher Deh displays several thousand years' history with old graves and Mitra worshipers placed in it.O/N in Ramsar. Today's tour includes visiting:

- Javaherdeh Village and Alborz Mountains

Gorgan Jame Mosque.steptoiran.comDay 5: Drive to Gorgan

Moving on from the sea coast we drive to the town of Gorgan where the green Alborz Mountains stoop to meet the north eastern steppe.The city of Gorgan is the capital of Golestan Province in northern Iran.The city borders Aqqala in the north, Kordkuy and Bandar Torkaman in the east and Shahkouh heights and Semnan Province in the south. Located near the Caspian Sea, the city is surrounded by the Gorgan Plain in the north and the lush forests of the Alborz Mountain range in the south. Gorgan has relatively mild climate but experiences hot and humid summers. O/N in Gorgan. Today's tour includes visiting:

- Behshahr-Abas Abad Gardens (UNESCO Site)

- Imamzadeh-ye Nur

- Jameh Mosque

Turkmen Nomads.steptoiran.comDay 6: Visit Turkmen Nomads

Iranian Turkmen are a Turkic people the Branch of Turkmen people living mainly in Northern and North-eastern of Iran. Their region is called Turkmen Sahra and includes parts of Golestan, and a small part of Razavi Khorasan and North Khorasan.

Nearly two million Turkmen can be found living along the northern edges of Iran, just south of the Turkmenistan border. For centuries the Turkmen lived as nomadic herdsmen. In more recent years, however, many have changed to a "semi-nomadic lifestyle,'' living in permanent homes as well as in tents. Today most of them are farmers and cattle breeders. Turkmen still live in extended families where various generations can be found under the same roof, especially in rural areas. Many tribal customs still survive among modern Turkmen. Unique to Turkmen culture is kalim,which is a groom's ''dowry''that can be quite expensive and often results in the widely practiced tradition of bridal kidnapping. O/N in Gorgan. Today's tour includes visiting:

- Mil-e Gonbad Tower

- Gharra Tappeh Sheikh

- Alexander's Wall

Day 7: Fly Back to Tehran and Depart Iran

A short flight from Gorgan takes you back to Tehran where you are free to depart anytime.


The tour prices are for each person in DBL room. The SNG supplement is 15% of the whole tour and the DBL room with extra services is cheaper.

- In Budget tours hotels are 2*. In Budget tours public transportation will be used and you will have local guide in each city.

- In Standard tours private car will be used and hotels are 3*/4*.

- In Luxury tours private car will be used and hotels are the best options in each city, mostly 4*or 5*.

Tour Detail & Price

Duration : 7 Days

Min Group Size : 2

Max Group Size : 20

Locations : Tehran, Masuleh, Caspian Sea, Gorgan, Turkmen Nomad Region, Tehran

Meals :

Accommodation : Hotels

Transport : Chartered Bus, Private car, Flight

Tour Guide : Included

Entrance Fees : Included

Letter Of Inivitaion : Included

Price : 600 Euros
Rates for solo travellers:
1220 Euros per 1 person
725 Euros per 2 people
665 Euros per 3 people

Best Seasons :

Kerman Daily Tour
David From  France
I asked for a tailor made travel in order to visit the south part of Iran, Kerman, Kalut desert and fortress of Bam. All the services were according my requests, the guide by car took me where I wanted, that was perfect. l definitely recommend step to Iran for a good travel experience without worries in this amazing country.

Gem of Persia
Edwin & Diana From  The Netherlands
We had a wonderful holiday in Iran en that was also because of our tour guide Shahram Rafie of Step To Iran. He has a lot of knowledge about the history of Iran and it’s cultural heritage and tells enthusiastically about it. Although we had beforehand an itenary, he organized spontaneous things in between: climbing into ancient desert cities, visiting a carpet shop with explanation by the carpet seller, doing a jeep safari, etc. This was of course always in consultation with us. We also had enough time to do things on our own. Furthermore he arranges everything, like a roomchange or a place in a full (!) restaurant; and knows the best restaurants in every town. Last but not least he is a nice guy, which is important when you travel together for a couple of weeks. So we love to visit Iran again, with Step To Iran.

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Anna From  Italy
We had such a wonderful time in discovering the beauty of Persia. Everything was arranged by step to Iran, visa procedure, accommodation, domestic flights. Many thanks to Ali, reliable and capable guide whose precious explanations we appreciated a lot.


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