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The 3,000-year-old city of Yazd is almost entirely built of adobe and is one of the most important centers of Persian architecture. Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo, who visited Yazd in 1272, described the city as a noble one with a notable silk-weaving industry.

With its many wind towers, this 'Desert Bride' is a prime example of the compatibility of human-built architectural designs with the natural environment and the ingenuity of Iranian engineers.

For thousands of years, Yazd's Qanats, underground water canals, have made farming possible in the desert climate, its Ab Anbars, traditional water supply systems have allowed urban settlements to take shape, and its wind towers, which function as traditional air conditioning systems, have enabled its inhabitants to survive the desert heat.

The city's 15th century Amir Chakhmaq Complex is one of the main attractions of Yazd, particularly at night when it is lit up with orange lights.

Yazd has always been a major center of Zoroastrianism, which can be inferred from the Dakhmeh or towers of Silence built outside the city with precise calculations so that the wind would not carry pollutants back to the center of population.

Today, the city still has a thriving Zoroastrian community which worships at the city's 1500-year old Atash Behram (Fire of Victory) Temple.

Yazd is also home to a Jame Mosque, which presumably has the tallest minarets in Iran, with magnificent mosaics.

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1) Yazd Walking tour

Highlights: Jame mosque, Water museum, Amir Chakhmagh Complex, Yazd old ditrict

Duration: 4 Hours

Transport: Walking

Services: English speaking guide, Entrance fees

Amir chakhmaq Square.steptoiran.comAlexander Prison yazd.steptoiran.com

2) Zoroastrians Sites

Highlights: Zoroastrians fire temple, Towers of Silence

Duration: 3hours

Transport: Car

Services: English speaking guide, Entrance fees

3) Zeinoddin Caravanserai and Saryazd Village

Highlights: Zeinoddin Caravanserai, Sar-Yazd fort and Caravanserai, water cistern

Duration: 6 hours

Transport: Car

Services: English speaking guide, Entrance fees

4) Chak Chak, Kharanaq and Meybod

Highlights: Zoroasterian Chak Chak, Kharanaq village, Meybod Pigeon tower, Ice House, Abbasi caravanserai, Narin Qale Citadel

Duration: 8 hours

Transport: Car

Services: English speaking guide, Entrance fees

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Max Group Size : 20

Locations : Yazd Province

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Gem of Persia
Edwin & Diana From  The Netherlands
We had a wonderful holiday in Iran en that was also because of our tour guide Shahram Rafie of Step To Iran. He has a lot of knowledge about the history of Iran and it’s cultural heritage and tells enthusiastically about it. Although we had beforehand an itenary, he organized spontaneous things in between: climbing into ancient desert cities, visiting a carpet shop with explanation by the carpet seller, doing a jeep safari, etc. This was of course always in consultation with us. We also had enough time to do things on our own. Furthermore he arranges everything, like a roomchange or a place in a full (!) restaurant; and knows the best restaurants in every town. Last but not least he is a nice guy, which is important when you travel together for a couple of weeks. So we love to visit Iran again, with Step To Iran.

Helen  From  Lebanon
Many thanks to Shahram from step in Iran, who was reliable, understanding and with his good knowledge made our trip wonderful. Highly recommended.

Special Tour
Claude Cuny From  France
It was a 25 days tour across Iran with our guide: Sharam, and we enjoyed the country, the tour and particularly our guide.We had a great time, good choice of Hotels, good food, good english, with an expert guy in history of Iran, Amazing country and a nice fellow!

Peyrou From  France
We had been conducted by Mohamed from Chiraz to Yazd through Persepolis and surrounds and Pasagardes and we spend a good day with this good driver and friendly person Bruno

Kerman Daily Tour
David From  France
I asked for a tailor made travel in order to visit the south part of Iran, Kerman, Kalut desert and fortress of Bam. All the services were according my requests, the guide by car took me where I wanted, that was perfect. l definitely recommend step to Iran for a good travel experience without worries in this amazing country.


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