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Due to its strategic location, Isfahan was an important military center in ancient Persia and some believe its name derives from the Pahlavi 'Aspahan' meaning 'place of the army'. Later, the city was chosen as the capital of the Safavid (1501-1736) dynasty and became a place where various cultures and nationalities met and merged.

During its golden age in the 17th century, Isfahan was considered bigger than London, more cosmopolitan than Paris, and grander than the fabled Istanbul.

Known as the City of Turquoise Domes for its beautiful mosques, which sparkled like gems along the Silk Road, Isfahan was where Islamic architecture achieved excellence and influenced the design of mosques throughout Asia.

Isfahan may be known for its striking boulevards, stunning covered bridges, magnificent palaces, beautiful churches and functioning synagogues but its glory is not limited to its countless historical sites. the river flowing through the heart of the city, like many world capitals, has created a rich cultural hub where one can grasp the true feeling of the Persian way of life.

Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and therefore it is not surprising that it carries the nickname "Half of the World". This charming city, the third largest in Iran, has a thriving Armenian quarter with a maze of cobblestoned streets and inviting cafes situated around the old churches of Jolfa.

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1) Isfahan Full Day tour

Highlights: Naghsh-e Jahan square, Sheikh Lofollah mosque, Imam mosque, Ali-qapoo palace, Chehel sotoon palace, Vank cathedral and museum, Jolfa district, Isfahan historic bridges

Duration:8-9 hours

Transport: Walking, Car

Services: Guide, Entrance Fees

2) Historical Isfahan

Highlights: Jame mosque, Shaking minarets, Fire temple hill

Duration: 4 hours

Transport: Car

Services:Guide, Entrance Fees, Transport

3) Central Desert of Iran

Highlights: Khur and Biabanak salt lake, Mesr sand dunes, Garmeh historic village, Nain Jame mosque

Duration: 2 Days

Transport: Car

Services: Guide, Entrance Fees, Accommodation, Transport

4) Abyaneh Village

Highlights: Abyaneh Historic Village, Zagros Mountains

Duration: 8 hours

Transport: Car

Services: Guide, Entrance fees, Transport

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Min Group Size : 1

Max Group Size : 20

Locations : Isfahan Province

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Tour Guide : Included

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