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The 10th most populous city of Iran, Kerman is home to numerous historical mosques and Zoroastrian fire temples. Kerman neighbors Lut Desert on the north and east, Bam and Jiroft cities on the south and the cities of Ravar, Zarand, Rafsanjan and Bardsir in the west.

Because of its proximity to Lut Desert, Kerman has hot summers and winters with very cold night temperatures. Some of Kerman's surrounding mountains are snow-topped all year round.

Based on the remains of several Sassanid structures namely Ardashir Castle and Dokhtar Castle, which is believed to have been temple dedicated to the Persian water Goddess Anahita, it is believed that Ardashir I the Unifier, the founder of the Sassanid empire, built this city as a military outpost named Gavashir. Ardashir I is said to have turned Kerman into a flourishing city and made his son its governor.

The most famous of Kerman's attractions is the Ganjali Khan Complex next to the Kerman Grand Bazaar. This Safavid era complex consists of a square, bazaar, bathhouse, mosque, Ab-Anbar (water reservoir), mint and a monument.

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1) Kerman City Tour

Highlights: Ganjalikhan Bazzar, Hammam, Mosque, Caravanserai, Water cistern, Vakil Hammam, Ibrahim khan mosque and Hammam

Duration: 5 hours

Transport: Walking

Services: Guide, Entrance Fees, Transport

Ghanjalikhan Mosque.

2) Mahan, Shahdad and Rayen Tour

Highlights: Rayen Citadel, Hezar Mountains, Shahdad , Lut Desert, Shazdeh Garden, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine

Duration: 12 hours

Transport: Car

Services: Guide, Entrance Fees, Transport


3) Bam Tour

Highlights: Bam Citadel, Palm Trees

Duration: 12 hours

Transport: car

Services: Guide, Entrance Fees, Transport


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