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Iran, Country of Contradictions


A journey to Iran is a chance to discover a real wonderland. Forget what you have heard in media, join our tours and touch one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the world. Glorious ruins of Persepolis, beautiful bridges of Esfahan, amazing desert and mosques of Yazd, and eye-catching museums of Tehran, all with their friendly, hospitable people are waiting you here. They are ready to make this journey the most memorable, unforgettable journey that you can ever imagine!


Iran provides you travel & tour opportunities of all kinds, of all forms, and for everyone. We, Step to Iran, believe in presenting Iran in a way that is quite unique. We want to show you the possibilities that are immense and unending. Come to Iran and explore the deserts, cultures, forts, historical places and travel on the route of world's oldest travel road; the Silk Road. Step to Iran will provide you all the facilities whilst you are on your personal journey - the journey of a lifetime. Believe us when we say, Possibilities are Unlimited - You only need your imagination to find them and guts to live them.

Iran Visa

All foreign tourists entering Iran are required to possess a valid passport with a valid Iran visa obtained from an Iranian embassy or consulate. Iran visa is issued for foreign tourists who are interested in traveling to Iran individually or with a group. Iran visa has to be applied through a registered tour agency in Iran such as Step to Iran. If your purpose of the traveling to Iran is visiting Iran or relatives in Iran, in such case you need to apply for Iran tourist visa. Travelers can apply for Iran visa directly by filling in the application form and submitting it to Step to Iran visa department. At Step to Iran we issue a great number of Iran visa’s daily.

Iran Hotels

Our operation section is always ready to provide recommendations to our guest, especially in Iran hotel reservations. Working with hotels all over Iran provides us with the chance to offer our customers affordable rates even in high seasons. We can also suggest the best options based on our experience and your request.

Iran Tour and Guide

Our main concentration here at Step to Iran is tailoring Iran tours based on your requests and plans. We take pride in providing updated information any Iran traveler would need and suggesting the most appropriate Iran Travel plan for each traveler or group. Based on our years of experience we also provide pre-designed Iran tour packages that we suggest according to season and highlights. We can also just apply for your Iran Visa, book your necessary tickets, Iran hotels or any other services you may need for a memorable Iran Travel.

Iran is the country of four seasons, therefore, traveling to Iran can be great resort any time of the year! Different climates, unique cuisines, rich history and more are all reasons that a travel to Iran can create a worthwhile experience for all tastes. Enjoy modern Iran in main cities, experience the simplicity of villages and be touched by the spirituality of the mosques in this land. This journey is enriching, inspiring and unforgettable.

Explore Iran cities with Iran Tours Packages, maze of fascinating historical sites… Lose yourself in the world-famous Yazd old alleys, see Persepolis, world heritage site and make your mark at the Esfahan Imam square. Step to Iran accompanies you through all process of Iran travel stages, from the very beginning to the end. Just decide and inform us to make amazing Iran Tours Packages!

Kerman Daily Tour
David From  France
I asked for a tailor made travel in order to visit the south part of Iran, Kerman, Kalut desert and fortress of Bam. All the services were according my requests, the guide by car took me where I wanted, that was perfect. l definitely recommend step to Iran for a good travel experience without worries in this amazing country.

Ancient Persia Pakage
Anna From  Italy
We had such a wonderful time in discovering the beauty of Persia. Everything was arranged by step to Iran, visa procedure, accommodation, domestic flights. Many thanks to Ali, reliable and capable guide whose precious explanations we appreciated a lot.

Gem of Persia
Edwin & Diana From  The Netherlands
We had a wonderful holiday in Iran en that was also because of our tour guide Shahram Rafie of Step To Iran. He has a lot of knowledge about the history of Iran and it’s cultural heritage and tells enthusiastically about it. Although we had beforehand an itenary, he organized spontaneous things in between: climbing into ancient desert cities, visiting a carpet shop with explanation by the carpet seller, doing a jeep safari, etc. This was of course always in consultation with us. We also had enough time to do things on our own. Furthermore he arranges everything, like a roomchange or a place in a full (!) restaurant; and knows the best restaurants in every town. Last but not least he is a nice guy, which is important when you travel together for a couple of weeks. So we love to visit Iran again, with Step To Iran.


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